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Luis Castelero and Christie White. Photo by Amber Sheridan

The property was purchased by Christie White and Luis Castelero in 2005. The Finca was initially constructed to house workers during the pear and grape harvest and consisted of a barn, three bunk houses and two sheds. Through the years, Christie and Luis have worked hard to create their own vision for the land. Today the farm is a peaceful retreat and is thriving with their newly built home, renovated bunk houses, expansive vegetable garden, flower garden and organic vineyard.

Christie White

Born in Atlanta, Christie moved to the Bay Area after college. She has worked in San Francisco in the design and furniture world for years, and her eye for design and passion for collecting vintage farmhouse pieces come together in the California wine country meets Spanish-ranch influence of Finca Castelero. Christie imbues her warm Southern hospitality and entertaining style to the guest experience of The Finca. Her design aesthetic can be seen all over from the interiors and furnishings in the bunk houses, to the 1950’s Dodge trucks and the open sky dance floor near the vineyards. 

Luis Castelero

Luis grew up working at his family's bar in Spain, serving tapas and drinks to customers. Once he got older his urge to travel took him around the world where he worked in restaurants, bars and hotels in all aspects of food and service. He eventually settled in San Francisco where he went on to work at some of the most prominent restaurants in the city. Today he is taking his knowledge and passion for food and wine and sharing it with others. He spends his time growing his own fruits, vegetables and herbs while teaching others to appreciate food and its ingredients as part of his unique and insightful cooking classes at Finca Castelero.

Meet the Owners

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