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Our philosophy is that food tastes better in nature and even better when you grow the ingredients yourself. Our cooking class, led by Luis Castelero, is informal and is all about having fun, appreciating your ingredients and making an unforgettable meal together. Join us for one of our cooking classes and experience farm to table at its finest.

Luis Castelero

Join us in the garden and pick what's in season. Learn about the process of growing some of the food at the Finca, including padron peppers, tomatoes, onion, eggplant and much much more!


Finca Castelero Garden.

Gather around the island and get cooking. This interactive lesson will include learning how to make appetizers, a main course and multiple side dishes. Drink a glass of local wine, chat with your neighbor and pick up some valuable kitchen skills.


Finca Castelero cooking.

Once you're done cooking. Sit down and enjoy your meal together. 


Cooking classes will be offered seasonally. Please check back for our upcoming schedule.


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